Roofing work in Anstruther

At McGhee Builders Ltd, we provide expert roofing services throughout Anstruther. Your roof is one of the most important aspects of your home as it keeps your property dry! Whether you are in need of some repair work on your roof or you need a new roof installing, McGhee Builders Ltd can complete any and all of your roofing needs.

roofing in Anstruther

Tiled Roofing in Anstruther

Tiled roofing is one of the most popular roofing techniques throughout the UK due to its high durability and low cost. The tiles are made from a sturdy, waterproof material, such as terracotta, slate or concrete.

Like any material, your roof tiles can be damaged over time due to a range of issues, mainly the wear and tear of weather damage. At McGhee Builders Ltd, we can install any tiled roof on your property, as well as perform any repair work such as replacing broken or damaged tiles.

Roof Repairs in Anstruther

Your roof can be damaged by a range of things, from animals to being worn down by the weather. At McGhee Builders Ltd, we can carry out any roof repair service throughout Anstruther and the wider area. If your roof is leaking then the water that gets in could cause damage to the structure of your property, as well as any belongings that are in the way.

Furthermore, a leak in your roof can be a serious health and safety issue. As well as potentially causing damage to the structure of your home, a leak also creates the ideal conditions for mould to thrive.

For more information on the roofing services that we can provide in Anstruther, give us a call today on 01333310409, or send us a message through our contact page.

Our Philosophy

We work along side a good team of other local trades i.e. Joiners, Plumbers, Electricians & Painters with a highly recommended reputation in the area which gives us the scope to cover all the aspects of renovation work, extension work, loft conversions etc